I am Not an MVP

I am not a Microsoft MVP. I don’t have a computer science degree. I don’t even work in IT, really. I’m just a guy.

I’m just a guy who sees a problem and is immediately compelled to solve it. And prevent the problem from happening in the first place. Maybe even solve another related problem or two that you didn’t even know you had. And that’s my superpower. Probably also my eventual cause of death due to overzealous coding at the expense of work and sleep, but that’s another story.

My solution projects stem from annoyance, really. What an annoying spreadsheet I have to deal with — I should do something about that. What an irritating set of emails I have to go through — let’s automate the processing. Why do people keep talking to me — let’s build them an app so they don’t have to (pro tip: that doesn’t work, they just end up talking to you about something else. Ideally a slightly less irritating something else…). Never let it be said that frustration isn’t a powerful motivator… Getting off track. Yes. Repetition annoys me, people annoy me, things that don’t WORK *REALLY* annoy me, but a problem I can’t solve has me tearing my hair out. Oh, and blogs. Blogs annoy me. Especially writing them.

But as I sit in my work-from-home kitchen-office watching the Power Platform Community Conference on YouTube Live, absorbing demos and geeking out over apps and bots and automations other people have built, it’s occurring to me that maybe I have something worthwhile to say. I mean, if I’ve built a load of PowerApps, automations, and various other scripts and processes to reduce the amount of annoyance around me, maybe what I’m doing could help someone else. If nothing else it might make me stop and be pr– … prou– …. slightly less annoyed at myself when I really think about all everything I achieve, rather than just looking at all the problems I still haven’t solved.

So there you go. Let’s give this a try. Power Apps, Python scripts, SAP Cloud for Customer, general process flows, whatever else comes to mind. I’ll try not to grumble too much, but I make no guarantees.